AquaPrimal Experience

AquaPrimal Experience – Find yourself by flowing with water

AquaPrimal Experience is a process that gives the possibility to explore the issues and the conditionings related to childhood. What distinguishes the AquaPrimal from the traditional approach is that the experience is integrated with explorations in hot water,

The difficulties, the hardships that we find ourselves living as adults, originate in the experiences we had when we were small. Placed in the subconscious, they continue to manipulate and influence our relationships, to condition the way we come into contact with the body,  imprison our careers, our creativity making us slaves of automatisms and habits that leave no room for spontaneity.

Thanks to the therapeutic process of Primal, we have the opportunity to re-explore those experiences where all this began.

An opportunity to  free ourself from the conditionings received in the first years of life that obscure our awareness of the present moment and filter our vision of reality.

 The conditioning is in fact a false layer that covers our true nature, freeing us from it, we can live a life fully.

Water has an evocative potential that expands and amplifies body sensations , awakening experiences and memories that naturally bring us back into contact with the primary experiences of gestation, birth and early life.

Using hypnotic regression, gestalt, bioenergetic, breath exercizes, cathartic techniques, we have the possibility of recont, to recognize and heal the origin of conditioning, as well as the wounds and traumas that belong to the past.

In the AquaPrimal modules the Facilitator is assisted by water which favors a profound work of reconciliation and love with our inner child. Catharsis and emotional release occur more spontaneously and the resistances are dissolved in a truly fluid and integrated manner.

In hot water are used techniques such as Watsu and Rebirthing.

All this makes the process softer and kinder, but no less profound, where emotions can be experienced and let go in a natural flow of acceptance and self-love.

Seeing a ‘problem’  is the first step in solving it and in hot water the patterns that imprison and influence relationships and the way of loving come to the surface, become more visible and recognizable.

AquaPrimal Experience is open to all, both to those who have no particular previous experience, and to those who have already had the opportunity to explore their past and wish to open themselves to spaces of new understandings.

AquaPrimal Experience consists of three modules:

AquaPrimal – The Discovery, which aims to teach us how to feel and address pleasure in everyday life

– AquaPrimal – The Imprinting, focused on  rediscovering of our primary needs to find back who we  really are

– AquaPrimal  – The Birth, a real process of regression to bring us back into the present free from the conditioning of the past

Each module explores a particular theme of childhood, it is complete in itself and at the same time conceived as part of a journey.

Each seminar offers the opportunity to make peace with the past, to let go of what is no longer necessary and acquire a new point of view. Thanks to which as we continue we get greater integrity, authenticity and presence in order to be able to respond rather than react.

The entire experience allows us to retrace the main phases of childhood so as to find  back those natural qualities with which we came into the world.

It is a very deep journey of exploration, discovery, and healing.

A possibility to reconnect with our true nature and our essential qualities of trust, will, strength, courage, love, compassion and peace that not only produces a profound inner healing, but serves as a mapping of the interrupted internal dialogues, a precious resource and essential to remain vigilant and present at times when life presents us with situations similar to our past that reactivate our conditioning and habit.