The Birth

Recognize who you really are

AquaPrimal the Birth is addressed to those who want to deepen and explore the issues related to early childhood, from conception to gestation to birth. The primary experience constitutes a patrimony that strongly influences our personality, creates our attitudes and beliefs that manifest in relationship with life, ourselves and others.

The intrauterine phase, as well as the postnatal phase, is a fundamental importance in establishing the mother / child relationship. It is well known that the feelings and experiences of the mother as well as input from the environment, already influence the child in the womb. Through the umbilical cord, the child receives both, nourishment and hormonal discharges from the mother, this vary according to the maternal emotional state. All this has an effect on the child state of vitality after birth. The very act of coming into life, brings with it an emotional state that remains etched into our deepest memories. Remembering how we were welcomed into life, is the basis of self-awareness and is also the key understanding why we behave as we do and feel what we feel.

During the group we will explore all of this, through exercises on land alternated with experiences in warm water. The evocative quality of water, combined with floating experiences and deep breathing, easily awakens the memory of life in the womb. Warm water brings with it a regressive aspect, which in an easy and gentle way, recreates the uterine conditions of being received, supported and protected.

This process will be facilitated by using regression techniques, and other techniques which will enable you to access those body memories that were generated when you came into the world.

Retracing those primary experiences, will give you the opportunity to dissolve and let go of beliefs that limit the expression and manifestation of the self. You will be able to experience a Rebirth in a atmosphere of trust and acceptance, and with this new vision you will make decisions and choices free from the conditioning of the past.

Each single group in AquaPrimal Experience (The DiscoveryThe ImprintingThe Birth) gives the opportunity to explore specific issues related to different phases of the child’s development you can participate in a single group, but at the same time the structure of the entire process is created to provide a complete journey that, if participated in its entirety, explores important aspects of self-growth.

In particular this group can be considered as the completion of the whole process.

This group is open to everyone, no previous experience, or participation in other AquaPrimal Experience seminars is required .

Participants will be asked to complete a self-reflection questionnaire.