The discovery

Getting back to the natural principle of pleasure

AquaPrimal- The discovery is a three-day seminar dedicated to the essence of well-being. A weekend to bring you back to the discovery of the source of pleasure that resides within you. As a child everything is pleasure and wonder, every single part of the body is able to feel, taste and fully enjoy without shame. The child’s body is sensual rather than sexual and pleasure is enjoyed with all the senses. In this seminar you will have the chance to feel that child is still alive inside. The entire course will be dedicated to relearn and to remember how to enjoy yourself and life by letting go of the shame and all those feelings that are between you and your pleasure.

Water is the amplifying element for feeling, it is where you can find innocence and learn how to integrate it into everyday life. Immersed in warm water, the skin’s receptors are stimulated giving you the opportunity to amplify the body’s sensations and also to understand and recognize its signals.

With the help of bioenergetic exercises and specific breathing techniques, you will eliminates the body’s rigid armour that limit you, thus re-contacting the part within you that is most intimate, the part that is truly able to savour life to the fullest. In response to the conditionings received from childhood about sexuality and pleasure, you had to implement strategies that has resulted in controlling your breath and inhibiting your vitality. Bringing the system back into deep breathing makes the body more fluid and vital, re-finding the energetic dimension of the innocent child who experiences pleasure in its fullness and enjoys life through all the senses. Also in this experience, like all those in AquaPrimal, play and celebration will be the guiding thread. We will become aware of our armour using lightness, intimacy and depth.

You will feel free to let go of past conditioning, in doing so you will leave room for a sense of liquid pleasure that expands the perception of the boundaries of the body and dissolves resistances and tension. You will have the opportunity to feel your natural and spontaneous life energy force and to give your body a greater expressiveness to manifest in an abundant manner. The gift you receive is a rediscovered sense of fulfillment and fusion with oneself and with others. A possibility of returning to your daily life with a greater awareness and passion.

Every group in the AquaPrimal Experience gives you the opportunity to explore specific issues related to different stages of childhood, you can participate in a single group, but at the same time the structure of the entire process is created to provide a complete journey that, if partecipated in its entirety, explores important aspects of self-growth.

The issues addressed in this specific group can be considered as a first look into what has conditioned our past, it is the entrance door that opens investigation into the deeper layers that will be explored in subsequent seminars  AquaPrimal Experience (The ImprintingThe Birth).

This course is open to all those who want to learn to love themselves, and no particular previous experience is required.


Participants will be asked to complete a self-reflection questionnaire.