The Imprinting

The Imprinting
Return to the origins

The Imprinting AquaPrimal is a three-day seminar addressed to all those who feel have the longing to learn, recognize, listen and express their needs. The structure of the group includes spaces for exploration on land together with experiences immersed in warm water. The alternation of water and land, offers the possibility of investigating the attitudes in a simple and immediate manner in relation to one’s own feelings and needs.

Why is exercising in hot water better? Because it reminds us of the womb where all needs are met instantly without having to submit the priorities dictated by the environment. The water awakens the calm and confidence necessary to look a vulnerable and sensitive topic, such as needs and the search for one’s own value. Being in water facilitates the healing process, it makes it more fluid and deep, and expands the space of welcome and trust, useful qualities for the recognition and expression of one’s needs.

During the weekend, we will explore in a playful way the strategies adopted around the topic of needs and self-worth, reconnecting with who we really are, and understanding what we want to let go of, and what we want to invite into our lives. The whole process opens the space for healing and understanding our wounds, in order to look at them with gratitude, recognizing them as opportunities and as precious signs of our history.

Water, with its unconditional support, helps to bring past experiences to the surface, letting go of any resistance and pattern, in order to be free and to love ourselves.

Each single group in AquaPrimal Experience (The DiscoveryThe ImprintingThe Birth) gives the opportunity to explore specific issues related to different phases of the child’s development, and can be attended separately. At the same time the structure of the entire process is created to provide a complete journey that, when attended fully, explores important aspects of self growth. Each group has its own specific sequence, for example the exploration of basic needs (the Imprinting), it is a natural step that occurs after having investigated the structures and conditionings linked to pleasure in ” The Discovery”.

The group is open to everybody, no specific previous experiences are required or to have participated in other AquaPrimal groups modules.

Participants will be asked to complete a self-reflection questionnaire.