One-day seminar whose intent is to introduce the AquaPrimal method. A chance to meet the inner child in a playful way  moving the body with exercises and experiences on the ground and in hot water. What is the inner child? Where is he/she? How does he/she affect everyday life? How does he/she affect our relationships? How can we contact him/her? What language does he/she speak? How do you listen to him/her, feel him/her, see he/she when it acts through us? So many questions to which we will start an answer on this introductory experiential day.


Short events where you have the chance to get a taste of what the AquaPrimal experience can be. Two hours between land and water to contact your vitality. Pills that will leave you with a warm heart and a feeling of pleasant fluidity.


Year-end event in hot water. Four days to celebrate yourself. A real immersion in the AquaPrimal experience. An opportunity to let go of the old and welcome the new with joy and fullness warmed by the embrace of the water. Often in our life our luggage gets between us and what we would like to be. Our past instead of telling our story and being a precious life experience becomes a ballast that does not allow us to live fully the present. In this way the future becomes predictable and a repetition of what has already been instead of being  a potentiality that is born out of our presence of our awareness, of our innate and acquired resources.

This year-end seminar is a workshop where we will all say goodbye to the past with gratitude, taking all the necessary lessons and giving up everything that hinders our flowering. Together we will plant on the ground seeds of awareness that warmed by hot water will become sprouts to grow in the new year in everything we deserve and dream of being.