What is Primal

It was 1970 when Janov broke into the scene of international psychology with a new form of psychotherapy that presented itself as the panacea for all psychological problems, since, in his opinion, it was able to modify the deep roots of neuroses.

Janov thus became the founder of “Primal scream therapy”, publishing the book “The Primal Scream”, in which he affirmed that mental disorders can be treated through a therapy that involves the expression of experiences linked to childhood.

He maintained that the use of the voice through the primal or primary scream leading back to the origins, leads the individual who performs it to rejoin, in a sort of rebirth, with his own psyche, freeing it from its fears and traumas through externalization of anger and emotions.

His “Primal therapy“, in which patients are invited to relive and express  the repressed feelings was seriously questioned in the 1980s by the academic world. Janov realizes the importance and strength of the power of love (The power of love. The action of maternal affection on the child’s psychophysical development) making changes to his way of working: he understands that healing takes place by expressing what has been repressed and that release creates the space to contact feelings of gratitude and love for oneself and the parental figures.

In 2000 Primal became an intensive work of de-conditioning by the parental figures with the aim of reconnecting the participants with their true nature and their essential qualities, of facilitating reconciliation with themselves, of acquiring greater awareness and a more fluid contact with the intrinsic power in one own being. With this integrated approach, freedom from the past is achieved through catharsis combined with other methodologies such as bioenergetics, hypnosis, Gestalt, meditations, drawing therapy among others.