Keli & Purnima


My name is Keli Procopio, since young age,  I was attracted by  the inner world search and  travel, and often the two things went together. In my journey I met many Masters and Teachers who supported and invited me to share my talents and qualities since  the beginning of my “career”.

At the age of 20, my first journey in  India opens me up to the meditation dimension, here I meet one of the greatest Masters of this century, Osho, and for several years in the Multiversity  in Pune, I have been participating in personal growth and self awareness groups. This experience contributes enormously to my personal and professional training. At this point the path was traced, what fascinated me the most, was the body and emotional work, so in the early 90s I was trained first as a Shiatsu professional at the Traditional Medicine Center in Milan and later as a BreathWork trainer at the ‘Insight Institute, today School of Body Work Counseling.

In the same years, I met Harold Dull, the creator of Watsu, and my water path began, leading me in 2000 to found, together with a team of other teachers / friends, the first Italian school of Watsu. Currently in the Watsu Professional Training , I teach up to the third level, breath, emotional management and Tantsu groups.

The body work is soon joined by the Counseling Training, first at the Insight Institute, and recently attending  the upgraded course in Counseling at IPSO Institute (Institute of Somatorelational Psychology), and currently, in the same Institute, completing the Bionergetic Conductor classes Training.

My professional growth has always moved hand in hand with important personal choices that have had teamwork and cooperation as a guideline: between 1995 and 2015, together with a group of friends, I created two important meditation and wellness centers, one in Pavia, and a Commune in the hinterland of Rimini.

Meeting  Purnima was also in line with the intention of sharing our unique talents and qualities in an atmosphere of collaboration and synergy. We meet in a group in the water and immediately a sort of sympathy and recognition of the potential of the feminine happens. Two women with different qualities that integrate perfectly.  Purnima skills, as Primal, therapist come into perfect communion with the regressive and welcoming dimension that water offers. The intuition to combine our own professionalism, brings the creation of  Aquaprimal project, a constantly evolving purpose that every time amazes us of its great potential.

My love for travelling continues to lead me to share my profession even in different tropical paradises, collaborating with prestigious SPAs, such as ONE SOUL SPA in Bora Bora in French Polynesia, where I offer update and training courses for Practtioners.

I can briefly summarize that today my professional approach is focused on  experiences related to breathing, emotion and meditation, exploring the potentials of awareness associated with  water element.

I feel deeply grateful to be able to share my passion and my skills, together with friends, professionals that I respect and with whom I can continually grow and evolve.



My name is Purnima, Federica di Giammichele, i work as a trainer and coach for  personal growth and empathic communication also facilitating experiential groups in large companies and centers for personal development.

While graduating in sociology of religions I studied techniques that bring together the  spiritual search of the East with Western psychological therapy. The thesis took me to India where I met the Primal: Therapy focused on the inner child combined with meditation and catharsis thanks to which the participants have the opportunity to reach a place of reconciliation with their own past.

That was the beginning of my second education: I started learning active meditation and mindfullnes techniques, working on and with the body. In 2007 I finished the studies to become a Primal therapist and began to offer experiential groups on the power of conditioning in personal life and in the team. I had learned about regressive hypnosis, Gestalt therapy, the Encountering method and also that of reinforcements / positive feedback which allowed me to offer a work client-centered  and on specific situations.

I continue to participate in courses and training and in the perspective of lifelong learning I have studied the method of Brandler’s PNL and the non-violent communication technique of Rosemberg.

I met Keli Procopio, an experienced trainer and holistic consultant, in a seminar in hot water conducted by her. This course did not focus on the themes of the inner child, but in hot water in a  structure proposed to the participants, I had the deepest and most easily accessible primal / primary experience I had ever had before. The water had led me to contact a part of me that I had never met with traditional methods in a istant  without effort.

For me it was the turning point: to realize that the evolution of Primal was not over. That the historical context in which I find myself working is very different from that in which Primal was born. In the seventies the motto / necessity was revolution, experimentation strong experiences while today we live in a world in constant state of fear and precariousness in encountering therapy can lead to resistance if not to real shock. Water as a safe and welcoming container dissolves these resistances and does not cause trauma, rather it brings the natural experiences to the surface.

I talked about this discovery with Keli and from that moment we work together integrating the traditional approach of the Primal format with water.

This is how AquaPrimal was born, a new approach with deep roots where Primal meets water. Today we work together with enthusiasm and wonder. Every seminar is a confirmation of how the integration of structures in hot water with techniques used until then “on the ground” is the key to access memories in a simple and natural way bypassing all the  resistances.